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M931a2 Military 5 Ton 6×6 Military Truck Clean M813 M35a2 M925 M923

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NOTE: these are pre-damage pictures…I got stuck in some trees and bent/broke a few accessories…cosmetic repairs under $1,000 is my best research. I will add pics of damage but mostly small things The best I can say is this is an awesome truck and I went into the woods on my land…got stuck in some trees…I GOT OUT…some $1,000 in damage for a day of fun!!! Cummins 250 Hard top (12) wheels/tires with about 2,000 miles (2) never tires on ground 20,000 miles +/- …runs great I drove it back from Maryland to Kentucky, a few times to STL then just around town for fun 42,000lbs Pintel hitch 40,000lbs Fifth Wheel 30,000lbs Gooseneck 18,000lbs Receiver hitch …if really interested call me 502-744-8387
Click Here to Buy this M35A2 on eBay!