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M35a2 Deuce And Half 2.5 Ton Military 6×6 Multi Fuel Turbo Diesel

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For sale is a 1971 Kaiser M35A2D “Deuce and a half” 6X6 Truck. NO CDL required to drive, just a normal license (In Nevada) 26000 GW . This is one BIG green go anywhere truck. It has a White multi-fuel engine and comes with about 350 gallons of off road fuel. The M35 with Multi Fuel engine was designed to run on just about anything that burns: kerosene, diesel, vegetable oil, used motor oil, heating oil, hemp oil, gasoline (with added motor oil), transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid and even moonshine (if you get the good stuff), if needed. If you don’t know what a White multi-fuel engine is please do a search. This truck is for the most part stock, but it does have a few great upgrades to it. Better seats with seat belts. Added LED lights. Upgraded battery solar charger. Added fuse block for accessories, both 24 volt and 12 volt. And she rides on MRAP Michelin tires that are 43″ tall and 14 1/2″ wide with run flats. As the bumper stick says: ” Yours may be fast, but mine can go any where”. But with that say, she doesn’t go cheap. If you are looking for the COOLEST truck on the block, or just feel there’s the need for this in your drive then this is the truck for you. I added straps in the bed when I installed the composite replacement seat boards , so when the troop seats are down the kids don’t fall out. The nice comfy HMMWV seats with lap belts. Almost forgot about the 6 LED lights to scare the dark away. Any thing else? Please do not be shy. She is a solid truck that is ready for what ever, she’s in Nevada, so she’s on the West coast, no need to ship her here. Truck weight is approximately 15000 lbs, please use this for shipping. A good guess would be $2 per mile for her to be shipped. Please check U-Ship or other services for shipping. Shipping from 89128 Has clean Nevada title. Come to Vegas and drive her home. Please contact me @ 702-845-7239 I’ll be glad to send along more pictures. Thanks for looking.
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