M35A2 For Sale

Home of The "Duece and a Half" Military Truck

M211 2.5 Ton Military Cargo Truck Deuce And A Half, M35a2 6×6 No Reserve

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I don’t have much info on this truck, the owner died about 6 months ago, since then his son has been liquidating his collection of military vehicles. This is one of the last trucks left. It is one of the few his son actually remembers being driven, he claims it was probably about 10 years (so assume 7-15) ago that it was last used to pull another truck out of a pond. I have no reason to believe he is lying, as MOST of the vehicles he has there, he has stated he has no clue when they were last run, there have only been a few he remembers being driven. GM inline 6 gasoline engine top is rotten overall not bad condition, would be great for parts if nothing else I *think* I saw a title in the stack of titles he has, but can’t be sure. I will hopefully check this week, I will update the ad once I know for sure. Unless you plan to flat-tow the truck, or to get it running/driveable on site, you will need a trailer with a winch to load it. I do think the tires could be aired up (most appear to be holding air) for a flat-tow, BUT I cannot say anything about the rest of the drivetrain condition. Truck is being sold AS-IS, it is located in Jacksonville, NC Scrap value is $0.12/lb, which equates to about $1500-$1600, hence the reasoning of the low starting price. We really do not want to scrap the truck, but will not sell it for less than scrap price.
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