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Am General M35a2 Multifuel Diesel M35-a2 Deuce & A Half 2.5 Ton Truck No Reserve

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This is an old AM General 2.5 ton M35a2, I honestly have not even checked the data plate to see what year it actually is. It has been sitting for at least 10 years probably, but I can’t be sure. The original owner died, his son is selling off all the vehicles, I am listing some of them online for him. There is PROBABLY a title for this truck, but I am not 100% sure. That said, it is being sold as ‘parts only’. Next time I am at his location I will check on the title, PLEASE DO NOT MESSAGE ME ASKING ABOUT THE TITLE. Bid on is as if it does not have one, think of it as a bonus if it does. The radiator has been removed and is laying in front of the truck The engine ‘looks’ freshly painted, so it may have been replaced at some point (I will try and check the dataplate) ‘C’ Whistler turbo Dropside bed This truck is located in Jacksonville, NC A trailer with a winch would be required to load it, the only equipment on-site is a skid steer. TRUCK IS AS-IS WHERE IS. We will do what we can to help load it, but the skid steer WILL NOT be used to push it onto a trailer. Based on the condition of other vehicles there, the truck will very likely run with fresh fuel, batteries, and the radiator installed. The trucks were neglected for the past ~10 years due to the owners failing health. MOST of the vehicles had been driven within the past ~10 years, but that is NOT a guarantee this truck will run. Local scrap price is $0.12/lb, which makes this truck worth $1,680 as scrap (14k lbs). That is what the starting price is based on, if it won’t bring that it will be scrapped.
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