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1994 M35a3 Deuce And Half M35a2 Caterpillar Turbo Intercooled With Allison Auto

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NOTE: TRUCK IS NOW DAMAGED DUE TO MINOR ACCIDENT ON OUR PROPERTY WHEN OUR OTHER TRUCK ROLLED INTO THE FRONT OF THIS A3. STILL STARTS AND DRIVES AS GOOD BEFORE! NEEDS,HOOD,LH FENDER, HOOD SIDE PANELS AND HINGE MOUNT AREA REPAIRED ON LH COWL AREA. Some EBAY SELLERS HAVE ALL PARTS AVAILABLE VERY REASONABLE. NEW reconditioned BATTERIES WILL BE INCLUDED, but THE BED SIDE RAILS,HEADACHE RACK AND TROOP SEATS WILL BE REMOVED. FUEL TANK WAS CHANGED OUT TO my freshly vatted and cleaned A2 TANK since I wanted the newer style tank on my A2. I’VE ALREADY TORN DOWN THE DAMAGED PARTS AND REMOVED THEM TO GET AN IDEA OF THE REPAIRS NEEDED, SO IT’S READY TO PUT BACK TOGETHER ASAP. Quit looking and start bidding because there’s over doubled the starting bid price in parts and final scrap value if you only part the truck out! 1994 Am General M35A3 Deuce and a half with Caterpillar turbo intercooled engine and Allison auto trans truck. Runs great and starts usually with first flip of the switch. This was part of the Extended Service Program where older M35A2 trucks were retrofitted and updated to modern specs(see below). It was an Army deuce in the military. We do not have maintenance records, but the fluids all appear to be fresh. Has the air shift transfer case. Also has a heater for those colds days. Soft top. Super Single Tires are in pretty good shape. CTIS tire inflation system powers up, but it flashes a FLAT? The tires do keep air which is great.There are some fluid leaks that I can tell from the seepage,but I’ve not investigated them. The spare tire is good. It has dual circuit brakes which is a great upgrade. Air suspension seat for the drivers side and bench for the passengers. The cab has some rust under the drivers door in the kick panel and the back of the cab. The cowl panel seems to have had a fiberglass repair from the military on the drivers side at some point which doesn’t look as good as it could with some work. The body as a whole could benefit from some cleaning and then a little rustoleum primer and a repaint. You can repaint with Behr premium house paint for a great looking alternative to the CARC that the military uses and it is a great looking match for a really cheap price. The drivers door and hood both seem to be replaced in the military as well since they are not colored to the same camo pattern. The turn signals & hazard flashers are not working, but from what I’m told it is usually an inexpensive flasher unit. I also noticed that the tachometer doesn’t operate. The horn blows, transmission and engine operate very nicely and the brakes are great. This truck runs out very well considering that it was actually used in our armed forces. I’m sure that it will do anything that a civilian will ever need without hesitation. I’ve got roughly $10k in the truck, but my loss is your gain. CAN NOT EXPORT, WILL SELL TO US CITIZENS ONLY. I MAY END AUCTION EARLY DUE TO LOCAL SALE OF VEHICLE. M35-Series Extended Service Program (ESP) From 1994 to 1999, M35s (and other trucks of the M35/M44 series) were upgraded under the Extended Service Program (ESP). No new trucks were produced, rather existing trucks of the M35-series were completely disassembled and the parts inspected. Reusable parts were rebuilt as required. Trucks were then reassembled using a combination of new and rebuilt parts including completely new components and systems: new Caterpillar 3116 ATAAC (Air to Air Aftercooled) diesel engine (meeting 1993 EPA emission standards) new Allison 1545 automatic transmission new cooling system, reworked axles and transfer case new electronically controlled central tire inflation system super single radial tires air-assist steering improved independent circuit air/hydraulic brake system three-point seat belts new ergonomically designed driver’s seat electric windshield wipers and washer improved heater and defroster system M35 cargo trucks remanufactured under the Extended Service Program were designated M35A3. Further production was terminated in FY1999, superseded by the FMTV: Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles. ESP was very successful. Overall, the remanufactured vehicles met 95 percent of the performance requirements at 60 percent of the cost of a new FMTV. If you have any questions ask before the auction ends. A $500 non-refundable deposit is due after the auction ends through paypal, the rest is due when you pick up the truck (cash in hand.) You have 2 weeks to pick up the truck or you forfeit the deposit. Item sold as is. Everybody also wants to know if they can drive it home. Or, if it will make it half way across the country. My answer is, I personally would not hesitate to jump in it and drive it anywhere, but it was built in 1994 which makes it almost 21 years old and it has sat around for long periods of time so, it might make it all the way to Alaska and back like a champ or, crap out a rear main seal at the end of my driveway. I cannot make any guarantees. Oh, it has a clear Georgia title.
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