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1987 Am General M35a2 M35a2c Deuce And A Half, Ex Air Force,not A Rebuild

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FS:1987 AM General M35a2c Deuce and Half ex Air Force truck. Original 1987 build and NOT a government rebuild of an older model. I bought the truck through gov auctions last year and drove it home. It has just over 7,000 original miles on the odometer and the undercarriage, engine bay and body confirm this. I do have the GA Title clear and free which is a chore to get in itself. It is currently titled and tagged and I do drive it on the roads for our farm. I’ve replace the rusty steel fuel tank with a nice fully aluminum unit from a newer M35a3 and installed a brand new in tank NOS factory fuel lift pump. We cleaned the fuel system and installed all three new fuel filter cartridges. I put nearly new fresh batteries in as well.Truck turns over and cranks on the first blip of the starter button. The truck does have minor surface rust as does any of them and could use a little TLC, the tires are dry cracked, but will still last a long time. The fluids have been changed and are ready to go. The only thing that I think needs a little attention is that the diesel injection pump on the engine is a possible culprit to an issue of restarting when the truck has been driven and is hot. I believe according to research that the nasty fuel system that we cleaned out from the biodiesel use in the military may have clogged up the pump. I just shoot a very tiny sniff of ether in the air intake and it fires right on up. This truck has the Hercules Multifuel engine that will practically run on anything and would be a great SHTF vehicle. Serious buyers only please, I will report any scammers to the authorities asap! Military EUC controlled item can not be sold outside of the USA, will not ship outside of USA. If you know anything at all about these trucks, then you know that they are all but impossible to get from surplus nowadays and for my asking price, I’m not making anything considering the work that I’ve put into it. I’m not very open to dealing this all said, but please make an offer. The reason that I’m selling is that I’ve recently bought a 5 Ton military truck that serves me better for long distance hauling and carry capacity. My loss is your gain! I also have very nice 1989 M35a2c Deuce and a Half listed for sale as well. It is just as this one and is an ex Air Force truck and had had even more work done. I’m asking $8,495.00 for it.
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