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M35A2 Specs

Lots of folks get confused about the variants of the M35 truck. No wonder why – it’s confusing to understand the M35A2 specs.
First Things First

Let’s start with the basics:

The M35 came first. It was the first generation M35 chassis, and looks like the M35A2s and M35A3s you will find. It’s just older and much harder to find for sale.

So when you see a M35, M35A1, M35A2, or M35A3 for sale – those are all just “variants” of the M35 chassis/truck. When you are looking online, you can consider any M35 to be “in the ballpark.”

The M35 And Other Trucks

When the military wanted a new type of truck, they would come up with a new name. Like the M47 – it was a 2.5 ton truck with a dump truck chassis. The M132 was a medical van. You also get some nice ones like the M398 which was a missile launcher (sadly we don’t have any of those for sale)

While some trucks like a M342 2.5 ton dump truck looks like a M35A2 in some aspects, they really are different vehicles to the military.

So for this website we will not consider any 2.5 or 6×6 military truck that is not in the M35 family. Makes sense?

Variants of the M35

Ok. Now that you know anything that starts with M35 is a Deuce, let’s look at some of the variants.

Anytime you see a truck named with a suffix (ex: M35A3) this means it has some standard modifications off the of the base. In this case, the M35A3 is the A3 variant of the M35.

There are 4 major kinds of M35 trucks you will find.


Engine: Reo-Continental OA331 Gasoline
127 HP
Manual 4 speed transmission (some also had 5 speeds)


Engines: LDS-427-2 Multifuel (FSN 2815-897-5061)
130 HP
Manual 5 speed transmission + overdrive


(engine group #1)
LDS-465-1 Multifuel (NSN 2815-00-075-0087)
140 HP
Manual 5 speed transmission + overdrive

(engine group #2)
LDT-465-1C turbo (NSN 2815-00-134-4830)
140 HP
Manual 5 speed transmission + overdrive

(engine group #3)
LDT-465-1D (NSN 2815-01-214-8820)
210 HP
Manual 5 speed transmission + overdrive


Caterpillar 3116 Diesel Turbo 403 cid (6.6 L)
225 HP
Automatic transmission
redesigned front end

The M35 Extended Service Program

In 1993/1994 something interested happened with the M35. The military needed a new M35, but did not want to get an entirely new platform built.

So the M35 Extended Service Program (ESP) was started.

Using the pieces from 3 working A2 models, the military rebuilt them into 2 working A3 models. It was an inplace upgrade that also used some new parts to make it a nicer vehicle.

This is when the Duece got the automatic tranny, a new cooling system and steering upgrade, better brakes and seats, new wipers and a better heater. Plus the new Cat diesel engine.

M35A2 vs M35A3 – Which to buy?

That’s a good question.

I personally prefer the M35A2. When you find one that is in good shape, it’s nice. The M35A3 is nicer “off the shelf” but nowadays so many Deuces in private hands have been rebuilt to be better.

Plus, the multifuel engine in the A2 is amazing. Diesel fuel, jet fuel, kerosene, heating oil or gasoline – when the SHTF I’d rather be able to stay mobile on any fuel source, not just diesel.

But for offroading, towing, or work – either will work fine!