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Restored Usmc M35a2 Deuce 2.5 Ton Whistler Military 6×6 Cargo Truck Turbo Diesel

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No Reserve !! $1.00 Starting Bid (And our guarantee that we will not cancel this auction early for a cash offer outside of eBay, as this truck is not listed for sale anywhere else – you have my personal word on that!) Authentic Military Surplus 1965/2014* Kaiser Jeep Fully-Restored M35A2 “WHISTLER” Military 2-1/2 ton 6X6 Cargo Truck Super Clean, Super-Straight Truck In almost original factory condition!! *This truck was an amazing find. It was actually a US Army Truck once before it was transferred to a Southern California Marine Corps Air Station, so it was always a West Coast truck. And spending the last part of it’s service with the Marines means that it was always well maintained. In We have had this truck on our lot for more than 3 years – between 1965 when it was originally manufactured and today, it has only been driven a total of 11,948 miles. We then tore it completely down and overhauled it to bring it up to our standards. Total document hours on this truck since the day it was manufactured for the military is only 517 – amazing!! We have too many hours to count painstakingly restoring this truck to make it run/look better than it did when it first rolled off the assembly line! NOTE: (to comply with eBay, DoD and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) Part 121): No weapons, ammunition or un-demilitarized hardware in this No Reserve Auction. Complete restoration done on this truck – months of work to make it perfect! Almost every major and minor mechanical part is new or rebuilt – from all the wheel bearings (inner and outer), axle seals and brakes to the Injection/Lift Pump, Injectors, Air Lines, most of the Wiring, Gaskets, Hoses, Fluids and the Alternator! PLUS; Painted from top to bottom -AND Fully Bed Lined THIS MONTH! Over 275 High Resolution Photo’s and 1 Short Video below… PLUS 100+ Bonus Pictures at the Bottom of the Listing from This and Past Photo Shoots/Builds We started with a stock US Army (later USMC) 6X6 M35A2 from the military that was already in excellent shape (I personally cherry-pick from only the best trucks to start with) and tore the truck down. We went completely through the motor, stripped the bed and the body and prepped it for paint. The high-traffic areas got two coats of a durable commercial spray-on bed liner. The frame and all body panels are also sanded and prepped and then they get 2 coats of a high quality filler primer. After more sanding and prep, 2 coats of Military Camouflage paint goes on and once cured under the lamps, all the stenciling is matched and replaced. The interior, engine compartment and undercarriage receive as much prep and attention prior to painting as the body did (makes no sense in my opinion to have the best truck on the block and then leave the interior looking like it just came out of Iraq;-). We replace as much of the wiring, brake lines and air lines as needed and then go through everything mechanical on this truck – from the brakes and axles to the motor, transmission, transfer case and everything electrical. Anything that needed work is replaced with new OEM parts – not repaired or rebuilt. Back together, this truck is HUGE and very capable – it would be almost impossible to get this truck stuck with the 6-wheel drive. There’s way too much work to break down and list here, but see the more than 275 high resolution pictures and 1 video below for all the details. Clear/Clean Federal Title (SF-97) on hand! You can register this truck immediately for on-street use using the bill of sale and re-assignment documentation that we provide to you at our expense!! Meticulously maintained and in PRISTINE original condition. New/Fresh Paint, Bed Liner & Upholstery! Great Workhorse or Recreation Vehicle! Runs Great, Extremely Reliable, No Problem being an Everyday Driver; -Legendary Continental LDT-465-1D “WHISTLER” 6 Cylinder Turbo Diesel Motor; Inline 478 Cubic Inch (7.8 L) turbocharged engine developing 134 bhp (100 kW) and 330 foot-pounds force (447 N-m) of torque -5 Speed Synchronized Overdrive Manual Transmission -Rockwell 136-21 sprag-operated divorced 2-speed Selectable Transfer Case -Rockwell 2-1/2 Ton Top Loader Axles with 6-72 Gear Ratio -Air Assisted Hydraulic Six Wheel Drum Brake System with a Driveline Parking Brake; each drum designed for maximum efficiency – individual drums can dissipate up to 12 kilowatts (16 hp) or braking heat -Fiberglass Hard Top (Removable) on Cab -8′ X 12′ Cargo Box with Side-Rails and Troop-Seats -Manifold Heater for Cold Weather Starting -24-Volt Electrical System Utilizing Dual 12 Volt Batteries Run in Series (Military 6TL Batteries) -All New Interior Upholstery and Seat Cushions -Professionally Serviced Regularly (just replaced primary and both secondary fuel filters as well as both oil filters and hydraulic filters. Flushed radiator, drained and purged air lines and replaced all fluids; oil, transmission, transfer case, hydraulic/brake and all three axles)! We can ship this truck to you anywhere in the lower 48 States for an average of $1.30 to $2.10 per mile (our City, State and Zip is; San Clemente, CA 92673). Cost largely depends on what part of the Country you are in and averages around $1.45 to $1.70 per loaded mile for most of the Continental US because of the massive size and weight of this beast. The trucking company will charge a $600 minimum on average, and distances over 500 miles will cost you less per mile. Ramps, taxes, insurance and all fees included in the rate. Shipping paid for by buyer. DETAILS, SPECS and HUNDREDS OF PHOTOS BELOW Only 11,948 Documented Total Miles since the day this truck was manufactured in 1965, and only 517 Total Hours!!! FREE SOFT COPY OF THE OFFICIAL MILITARY MANUAL (OPERATORS, REPAIR, PARTS ETC.) INCLUDED!! Looks good from any angle! Short Video of this Monster In Action; To Help Put The Enormous Size of this Truck Into Perspective; (Porsche Not Included;-) -A Super Clean, Rust-Free West Coast Truck! One of the most rugged, go-anywhere work OR play trucks that you will find on 10 wheels!! And, it is ready for the show in almost BRAND NEW CONDITION!! Will stand out at any military reunion, fair, parade, truck show, wedding, off road rally, etc. – but ready to go to work for you or drive across the Country right now! Details, Specs & Restrictions Below Please read entire description before you bid! Hard to find like-new restored custom M35A2 military 6X6 “Deuce” 2-1/2 ton cargo truck with a 12-foot cargo bedon the back, Whistler Diesel Motor and new interior. The exterior is extremely nice, recently stripped and professionally painted with 3-color Woodland Camouflage Paint. EXCELLENT tires – they are all 75 to 85+%! Starts well (always fires right up on the first crank) and runs great! No leaks that we can detect and everything works like it should. Absolutely NO major OR minor problems that we are aware of. Fully Bedlined Cargo Bed NOTE THAT THE BOTTOM OF THE CARGO BED IS A WHOPPING/SHOULDER-STRAINING 51″ (4 Foot, 3 Inches!!) OFF THE GROUND!! PERFECT FOR GROCERIES;-) PLUS; All High-Use/High Traffic Areas (Exterior Steps, Front Bumper, Inside of Fenders, Floor Boards, Lifting Rings, Bottom Half of the Interior Doors, Tool Boxes, Cargo Bed, etc.) are Bedlined for Durability and Ease of Keeping them Clean; After a day in the mud with this truck, get your hose out, spray it down and as soon as it dries, valet park it at the nicest restaurant in town and have a nice dinner. I guarantee that it will be left out front waiting for you after dinner – both for the attention it will draw AND for the fear you’ll see in the valet’s eyes at the thought of trying to park it! MILITARY TIRES 9.00-20′s PLUS; Free set of up To 10 more tires if you want them. Just let us know when you pick up the truck (or we ship the truck for you), and we will load them in the back for no charge!! All Ten (10) tires are in great shape, hold air and range from 75 to 85+% tread. With the 2-piece wheels, you can actually break down a tire and wheel in the field with special tools and patch a leak with a commercial patch kit!! But, if you don’t want to mess with that; FULL SIZED/MATCHING SPARE INCLUDED It probably only has 60% tread on it, but it will get you home in a pinch if you need it. And again, up to ten (10) free tires and wheels to the winning bidder if you want to have another set lying around for back-up! INTERIOR ENGINE COMPARTMENT SOME MORE PICTURES And Last but Not Least (since we spent as much time under this truck as we did on it or in the engine compartment;-)… The undercarriage has also be stripped, sand blasted, prepped, primed and painted to look as new as it was when it rolled off the assembly line… UNDERCARRIAGE ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM AREAS THAT WE ARE AWARE OF – AND WE HAVE BEEN COMPLETELY THROUGH THIS TRUCK INSIDE AND OUT! Ready to go to work (or PLAY;-) for you immediately! NOT A COUPLE OF GUYS MESSING AROUND PART TIME… We’re a professional full time shop and an approved Defense Contractor for DoD that ONLY works on Military trucks. We’re also a Level III Staging Area for FEMA with a BOA on file for more than 11 years. With 24 full time employee’s, an annual operating budget in excess of $27 Million (Gross Sales of more than $84 Million in 2014 and a run rate of $88M in 2015), more than 45,000 square feet of shop space at 3 different locations, two (2) acres of secure yards at 2 separate locations and a track record of excellence since 2003 with an annual volume of more than 400 vehicles, you will not find a more capable company or a group with more specialized knowledge of these vehicles than us. We do all work in house – with the exception of driveshafts and springs, nothing is sent out and no corners are ever cut. I drive every single truck we manufacturer after my mechanical and paint teams each sign off on it to ensure that it is perfect for you. Here are a few pictures of our team in action on several different trucks for a glimpse into our main shop where most of the engineering and mechanical work and all of the paint is done; Best mechanical and fabrication team in the business – more than 117 combined years of heavy-truck and diesel experience!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AND IF YOU NEED SHIPPING SERVICES – NO ONE HAS MORE EXPERIENCE SENDING THESE TRUCKS ALL OVER THE COUNTRY THAN WE DO!! If we can’t deliver it on our truck, we will find a trucker for you with the right equipment. We can take care of all the details and arrangements for you, and we don’t charge a handling fee or mark the shipping up; ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This truck is completely done and ready to go – nothing you need to do to it at all. Brakes work great and all lights work. IMPORTANT NOTES, CONDITIONS & TERMS OF THIS AUCTION 1) We do not have this truck advertised anywhere else, so you have our word that we will not cancel this auction early to sell it for a cash offer. With no reserve, the highest bidder will win this truck, no exceptions. 2) Truck is Considered Demilitarized Surplus (Class Q). Cannot be shipped outside of the USA. Not for sale to non-US Citizens, no exceptions (U.S. Military/Federal Government Rules, not ours – sorry;-). You must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the U.S. to bid on this truck. This truck can only be bid on if the buyer intends to use this truck for personal use only and has no intention of exporting the item outside of the U.S. This is non-negotiable. 3) Truck is sold as is. Everything is in working order as described above. 4) Truck comes with a clear Federal title (SF-97). We will also provide a Bill of Sale along with the title upon receipt of payment. With the Bill of Sale and the Title, you will be able to title this Truck in any State at your local DMV – we guarantee it. Bid with CONFIDENCE – we are a very reputable eBay seller, with a 100% POSITIVE feedback rating, eBay I.D. Verified AND PayPal Verified with over 18,000 payments received, and not a single PayPal complaint or dispute -PLUS- We’ll help in any way possible with the shipping if you need us to, and can even make the arrangements for you if you want AND we keep you informed through the entire process with confirmations when payment is received, when your truck is shipped and tracking numbers if applicable. See our eBay Store, MREdepot , for hundred’s of disaster and emergency preparedness items and shelf stable foods. PAYMENT: Payment by PayPal (preferred and PayPal eChecks just as welcome!), Money Order, Cashier’s Check, Personal Check (allow 5 to 7+ business days to clear), American Express, Visa, Master Card & Discover Card (credit cards through PayPal even if you don’t have an account with them – it is easy and safe. Please see our other items as we have HUNDREDs of “Auction” “Buy It Now” style listings on other Military Surplus, Emergency and Disaster Preparedness and Bulk Food Storage items. And please be sure to add us to your favorites list, as we add new items DAILY!! BONUS PICTURES; (from past photo shoots – not of the truck for auction now)
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