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Mrap/deuce And Half Wheel Adapters M35,m35a2,m35a3,rockwell,2 1/2 Ton

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We build these adapters to adapt MRAP wheels to fit on 2 1/2 ton deuce and half axles. They are 1/2inch ar steel and all holes are drilled on a mill and machined and each adapter is trued on a lathe both inside and outside and fit the wheels perfect not like some of the others out there that cut theres on plasma table and ship.We put a lot of care in these. All in house made. We have replaced a lot of other adapters on trucks in our area that were off by as much 1/8in to 3/16 on the holes. Customer pays shipping.Will not just sell one unit must buy at least 4units. We can also build any wheel center to fit any steel wheel from 14in to 25in. These are not dot approved and are for offroad use only.Feel free to contact me 9 to 5 mon thru sat 253-961-3434 we also build monster trucks,mud trucks and do services on all M Series military trucks.Welding/Fabrication
Click Here to Buy this M35A2 Part on eBay!