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Military Truck Rpm Tach Hour Meter M35 A2 A3 M-809 G503 M40 M39 M800 Series

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Model : Stewart Warner 501-D P/N 35916-2 697 Hours on it only, Work’s like it should new! This sale is for an old Military Vehicle Tachometer, was used in all M35 and M-800 Series Military Trucks, May been used in others though unsure of? It is used but in very nice shape, it has a couple of small scratches in the paint. Glass and side lenses for the most part are clear no fogging or no cracks… Body has no dents or dings, no corrosion ect… This assembly if you will notice does have a clean dial, nothing chipped or flaked off it nor any rust, real fading of it! Please see my pictures closely. This has been tested and work’s, was taken from a salvaged parts truck. Note* Check out the hours very low… 0697 hours 3/10th of one hour. Most of the factory cadmium plating is still on it throughout as you can clearly see. Drive turns nicely, Mechanically sound. Threads on drive assembly are all well intact none missing or crossed on it. From the looks of things mainly the hours on it was not in the vehicle very long as you can see its true condition. What is shown is exactly what is for sale and you will receive, the very one pictured and mentioned of. No question a Great replacement of a existing one! Thank You for your business! Check out my other items!
Click Here to Buy this M35A2 Part on eBay!