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Military Transmission Kit .69 Od M35 M35a2 M35a3 M37 M715 Deuce

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Do you have a M-35 or some variant of the 2 1/2 ton truck? Are you looking for a way to have more speed from your truck? While it is possible to produce several ratios, .69 has been shown to be the best ratio for the M-35 as it will accommodate stock 9:00 and 11:00 tire sizes and works well with the popular 14.5R20. You can drive at 65 mph at less than 2500 rpm! See web site below for more info and specs. The .69 sets and can also be used in repowered M-37 vehicles, (it is quite common to use a 4BT and the 3053 tans), and M-35 based vehicles that have been shortened. The main shafts being modified are new shafts, second gear is modified to match the newer production with oil passages (see picture) that allow for much better lubrication. 2nd and 5th gear are mounted on needle brngs for increased reliability. The .69 overdrive kit includes everything you need, gasket set, a new main shaft, needle bearings, syncro hub for 2/3 syncro, 5th gear and sleeve for needle brngs on main shaft, and 5th counter shaft gear. New syncros and bearings are available at low cost, should you need them. http://waterloospecialties.com Do you have a slow M35A3? With the installation of a 3053 manual trans you can have a top speed of up to 70 mph. You only need a flywheel and clutch, approx $500, a good 3053 trans and this kit. Some additional small parts needed.
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