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M35a2 Used 2-1/2 Ton Truck Mc Pn 19207 +12368254 Nsn 2530-00-753-92 Needs A Seal

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2.5 ton M35A2 USED master cylinder (19207) Needs a seal.M35A2 Brake Master Cylinder Deuce + a half 2-1/2 ton Part Number P/N12368254 Brake Master Cylinder NSN 2530-00-753-9267 2.5 TON M35A2 The price seems high because it costs me about $13.65 and packaging and time to ship it.It ships USPS priority mail wherever that goes to in the USA It is ready for more DOT5.I bought a truck, it needed a master cylinder so they installed a new one.They took the vent line copper tube and just flattened it and bent it over. A few pedal pushes later, maybe a hundred, and a few hours on the truck and fluid was leaking out from behind the boot. I replaced this MC with a new one and vented it correct, no more problems.This is complete and needs a seal someplace because it was not vented. It is still as new with a leak and the splash plate is still in there.Note if you install a remote reservoir that splash plate should be removed. I have seen that it is compatible with M35A2, M35A2C, M109, M109A3, M35, M35A1, M342, M49A2C, M44, and G742 (Fits any pre-1987 deuce and a half- M44/M44A1/M44A2/G742). PN: 12368254 (19207) NSN: 2530-00-753-9267 Technical Characteristics STRAIGHT BORE INSIDE DIAMETER 1.750 INCHES NOMINAL STOPLIGHT SWITCH THREAD SERIES DESIGNATOR NPTF STOPLIGHT SWITCH NOMINAL PIPE THREAD SIZE 0.125 INCHES SPECIAL FEATURES PISTON AT ROD END THD FEMALE,1.000 IN. DEEP,6 THD MTG HOLES 3 ON EA SIDE OF CYLINDER PORT THREAD SERIES DESIGNATOR UNF PORT THREAD QUANTITY PER INCH 20 PORT THREAD DIAMETER 0.500 INCHES NOMINAL PORT THREAD CLASS 2B PORT STYLE FLARE PORT LOCATION AND QUANTITY 3 CYLINDER HEAD END OVERALL WIDTH 3.875 INCHES NOMINAL RESERVOIR TYPE INTEGRAL LONGEST VERTICAL DISTANCE BETWEEN MOUNTING CENTERS 2.406 INCHES NOMINAL LONGEST HORIZONTAL DISTANCE BETWEEN MOUNTING CENTERS 2.500 INCHES NOMINAL OVERALL HEIGHT 6.000 INCHES NOMINAL MOUNTING TYPE AND LOCATION FLANGE PISTON ROD END MOUNTING PROVISION UNTHREADED MOUNTING HOLES MOUNTING PROVISION ARRANGEMENT STYLE FOUR HOLE RECTANGULAR MOUNTING FACILITY DIAMETER 0.406 INCHES NOMINAL FIRST PISTON ROD END THREAD SERIES DESIGNATOR UNF FIRST PISTON ROD END THREAD QUANTITY PER INCH 18 FIRST PISTON ROD END THREAD DIRECTION RIGHT-HAND FIRST PISTON ROD END THREAD DIAMETER 0.562 INCHES NOMINAL FIRST PISTON ROD END THREAD CLASS 2B FIRST PISTON ROD END STYLE EXTERNAL THREADED FEATURES PROVIDED FILLER PLUG AND RUBBER BOOT EXTENDED LENGTH 9.625 INCHES NOMINAL COMPRESSED LENGTH 8.188 INCHES NOMINAL BODY MATERIAL ANY ACCEPTABLE ACTUATION METHOD DIRECT
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