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M35a2 Military Truck Winch Front Bumper Frame Extensions Garwood Winch All 4 Pcs

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I have a full set of frame extensions off a 1980 M35A2. They are necessary to mount the factory Garwood winch. Hard to find a full set of these. They are straight and they mounted up on the truck up until last month. When the bumper was removed during restoration, the smaller bolt tube was cut to remove the 10″ long bolt seized inside of it. Only the lower portion of the tube was cut. Simply, the bracket mounts the bumper with two bolts rather than 1. Exterior of brackets were blasted and painted a few years back. Insides of brackets are on original paint with some surface rust. Let me known if you have any questions.
Click Here to Buy this M35A2 Part on eBay!