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M35a2 Deuce And A Half Remote Brake Master Cylinder Reservoir Kit Military

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This is a Complete Remote Reservoir Kit for the M35A2 Deuce and a half. Most deuces are equipped with single circuit master cylinders, in a system like that, if you lose fluid, you lose ALL your braking, unlike the modern dual circuit designs. So it is very important to check your brake fluid level everytime you drive your truck. Most of us don’t check the fluid because the master cylinder is mounted under the floor and hard to access. Please note. The master cylinder shown in the pictures is for illustration only and is not part of the kit. This kit, which has been designed to mount inside the cab between the seat and drivers door, or on the firewall under the hood, makes it possible to see your fluid level with just a glance. We install these kits on every deuce we restore or modify, we consider them to be essential for safe operation. What you will recieve in this kit is: 1- 7 ounce Wilwood remote reservoir with cap, clamp, o-ring and mounting base. 1- 5 foot section of Goodyear EPDM hose. EPDM hose is compatable with DOT3 and DOT5 brake fluids. It won’t swell up or sweat like other hose will. 2- Spring clamps for the hose. 1- 90 degree barbed brass fitting to screw into the top of the Master Cylinder cap. 1- Roll of teflon tape to seal the fitting. 1- Grommet to protect the hose where it passes through the floor of the truck. 2- Zip ties to keep the hose away from sharp or hot objects. 1- Vent cap with o-ring to seal the vent line that went to the top of the master cylinder cap. (If your truck is equipped with this.) REMEMBER PLASTIC WONT CORRODE LIKE METAL AND BRASS. Because of numerous requests, we will now be including step by step instructions for installation of the kits. The only parts you supply are the bolts to mount the reservoir. These kits are assembled and in stock in our shop. We have many other items in our ebay store. Please check it out. We do discount or refund excess shipping on multiple items. CHECK OUT OUR NEW WEBSITE: http://www.realcustomtrucks.com/Default.asp Please ask any questions before you buy. THANKS !
Click Here to Buy this M35A2 Part on eBay!