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Arctic Winter Radiator Cover M35, M35a2, M35a3, M800, 1 1/2 And 5 Ton Mil.trucks

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ARCTIC WINTER GRILL RADIATOR COVER M35, M35A2, M35A3*, M800, MILITARY TRUCK NIB !Complete with the attachment Hardware as you see in photos, nothing else beyond from what you see in the photos are included Just int time for winter, keep your engine warm and improve heater system *M35A3 owner’s be sure to understand that this cover will require some custom fitting and the headlights will not be covered because the A3 design being different from the M35 and M800 seriesRare part to find complete and New in original Box, they discontinued this parts many years ago, here is your chance to purchased the ONLY and LAST ever NIB stock of this Radiator Covers, when they gone it will be forever gone. FIIGINCDescriptionDetailA531C029785COVER,ACCESSA rigid or flexible item of various shapes attached to a structure for the purpose of providing access for inspection, service, replacement of components and/or adjustments or mounting operations. It is designed to be attached by means of bolt holes, slots, mounting ears, tabs, and the like. To permit access, the mounted cover requires partial or complete removal. It may include an observation window. For items permanently attached by hinges and the like, see DOOR, ACCESS. Excludes all covers not specifically designed to provide access for the purposes listed above. Info from DOD – PRICE IS FOR UNIT!NSNDescriptionAssign DateProc. PriceManagement PriceAgency usageEnd ItemCriticalityDLIS StatusCodification Country5340-00-177-6159COVER,ACCESS07/25/1969$214.69$332.98Multi AgencyTRUCK, CARGO, 2 1/2 -5-TON, 6X6, XLWB W/E United States
Click Here to Buy this M35A2 Part on eBay!