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The M35A2 is a U.S. Army 2.5 ton truck. Nicknamed the “Deuce and a half,” this vehicle’s family has served since the 1950s. There are several variants of the vehicle, the largest difference being the M35A3 is an upgraded M35A2 with an automatic transmission. 1965 saw the release of the multifuel engine, and production stopped in 1993.

These are very sturdy vehicles, and U.S. citizens can buy them as surplus. While the Army has phased them out of service, the National Guard still uses them.

The M35A2 is called the Deuce and a Half since it is in the 2.5 ton weight class.

Your M35 is rated at 5,000 pounds offroad, but let’s be honest. It can haul more if you want.

The US Military started using the M35 in the 1960s. The Marine Core never used it though. This fine vehicle has seen service as recently as Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The M34 was the forerunner and built for the US by Reo in 1949/1950. It had a different type of tire, and for the update (the M35) it changed.

That’s where this iconic military truck got the dual 9.00×20 rear tires. Also, Reo added the troop seats then.

Lots of folks buy the M35 and all it’s variants for any number of reasons. They make great work trucks for the field and farms.

Many fire department use it (you’ve never seen a grass truck like this). Also, they are just plan fun to drive! It’s a nice truck that is amazing offroad for mudding and pleasure.

I’ve seen lots of guys paint them up nicely. Some people prefer the Military Olive paint job. It’s a classic look and full of hertige.

Other people spray it a nice tan like sand camo. I’ve also seen a black one here in Texas which was amazing to see.

Your Duece is road legal, but triple check with your state first.